S. K. Instrumentation Services provide the calibration Service at on-site, as well as on our Laboratory. The Instrument brought for calibration at our Laboratory can be returning the same day if prior intimation is given. Master instruments Certified by regional government laboratories like IDEMI Mumbai, ERTL Mumbai and ARIA Pune.

     S. K. Instrumentation Services are currently in calibration service performing of Electrical, Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level, Mass, Volume and Metrological Parameter as per the requirement of ISO, GMP, WHO and USFDA. Our laboratory consists of highly accurate Standard calibration Instruments and Master traceable to the National Standard, We are capable to undertake parameters in such as.

Electro-Technical Calibration

Electrical related Instruments :-

Voltmeter, Ammeter, Frequency Meter, Data Logger, Resistance Box, Multimeter, Clamp on-meter, Megger, Earth Tester, Welding Machine, Humility Indicator, High Voltage Tester, Conductvity Meter, PH Meter, ORP Meter, Sound Level Meter, Timer, Stop Watch, Counter, Tachometer, Multifunction Calibrator, Intensity Meter, Process Indicator, Loop Calibrator, Temperature Simulator, Isolate convertor etc.

Process Control-Mechanical Calibration

Pressure related Instruments :-

Pressure Gauge, Vacuum Gauge, Diff. Pressure Gauge, Compound Gauge, Ton Gauge, Magnehelic Gauge, Pressure Switch, Pressure Safaty Valve, Pressure Transmitter, Dead Weight Tester, Digital Manometer, Digital Pressure Indicator with Transmitter, I to P Convertor etc.

Mass related Instruments :-

Analytical Weight Box, Digital Weighing Balance, Tension Gauge etc.

Volume related Instruments :-

Volumetric Flask, Measuring Cylinder, Measuring Burette, Measuring Tank,
Measuring Drum etc.

Flow related Instruments :-

Flow Meter, Flow Switch, Water Flow Meter, Flow Totalizer etc.

Level related Instruments :-

Level Switch, Level Transmitter, Level Indicator etc.

Process Control-Thermal Calibration

Temperature related Instruments :-

Temp. Indicator and Controller, Temp. Recorder, Temp. Transmitter, Temp. Scanner, Temp. Sensor, Hygro-Thermometer, Temp. Thermocouple, Temp. Gauge, Temp. Switch, Glass Thermometer, Oven, Incubator, Humidity Chamber, Temp. Bath, Autoclave, Muffle Furnace, BOD Chamber, HPLC Oven, Melting Point, GC Oven, Vacuum Oven, Temp. Mapping of all Plant and Lab. Equipments etc.

Dimensional-Metrology Calibration

Metrological related Instruments :-

Vernier Caliper, Hight Gauge, Micrometer, Dial Gauge, Dial Thickness Gauge, Slip Gauge, Measuring Tape, Measuring Scale, Length Counter, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge etc.